TMNT: cinematic commentary

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a movie directed by Steve Barron that was released March 30, 1990. The made and released was supposed to be in the mid-1980s, before the “Las Tortugas Ninja” (1987) cartoon was on air. The intended movie was to be a direct comic book adaptation, but it didn´t work, so it was just an edition from the comic series and the cartoon series. The people who played the role from the protagonists are Judith Hoag as April O’Neil, and Elias Koteas as Casey Jones. For the turtles, the voices were from Brian Tochi (Leonardo), Robbie Rist (Michaelangelo), Josh Pais (Raphael), and Corey Feldman (Donatello) who, in that time, was a very important actor and famous too. Before recording in the film to make the voice of Donatello, he participated in other movies like “No Matarás… Al Vecino”, “Una chica de ensueño”, Papá Cadillac”, “Cuenta conmigo”, and more. TMNT uses practical effects throughout the whole movie. The actors´ costumes used animatronics in the whole body to represent real mutant ninja turtles. In the early 90s, there weren´t a lot of technological advancements in movie making, so this, having all of that, was a great impact on the audience.

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In New York city, the crime is increasing each day even more. Someone needs to do something to stop this. Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo are four ninja turtles, which are also brothers, decided to confront the Shedder, leader form The Foot Clan, who was the reason of this chaos. Their love for NY impulse them to protect all the citizens so they can´t live with terror. Will they be able to stop the crime in New York city?

The technology used in the movie was too advanced for that time. Most of the characters obviously are non-credible because it´s fantasy and fiction. The characters had a good develop in their acting and made a good role, being kindly and hilarious. Motors were built into each Turtle head to create facial expressions. It also had 24 servos motors in the turtle head controlled in real time by a complex mit and joy stick. For Splinter, they also used animatronics when he was a mutant, so he could have the appearance of an enormous rat. However, when the rat was still normal, it took three puppeteers to represent him. Sometimes the actors made a terrible interpretation of their characters because it did not leave with your open mouth. But, the unexpected ninjas did a great job portraying their characters, making the movie even more interesting.

The effects this movie gave were very shocking for the 90s. Some scenes were very realistic and attractive to the public. The first images of the city were so pretty, and they seemed too real. It notes that production suitable for film cameras used. Although, the ground (sewer) seemed a little bit unpersuasive, but it gave the movie a great effect for the scenes. The effects of the flashback weren´t too advance nor convincible. Well, that´s because during those years, the producers weren´t able to put many effects on an act and when they tried in this one, it didn´t work and it looked a little bit fake. Also a good candlelight effect made the movie look much more believable.


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For the scenes of action, they used too much soundtrack representing a bomb, or a crash, making the most impressive movie. There were wonderful music and sounds according to the event. In addition, the use of relaxing noises and suspense too, makes the viewer feel what is happening, creating diverse moods in it. For example, if there was a scene that involves fear, the producers put a song of suspense. When the turtles had to fight against the ninjas, they also use explosive sounds to capture the attention of the audience.


In conclusion, the movie was so interesting and very funny. In my opinion, it made me laugh a lot, but I think the actors should have interpreted their roles in a more convincing way so that the audience cannot even close their eyes. I really don´t recommend this movie for teenagers, but for kids it could be more interesting and more striking because it has a lot of action and it´s a fantasy movie.

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